Health in All Policies

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A Healthy Community has Thriving Schools, Strong Businesses, Empowered People, Economic Resilience and Growth, and a Healthy Population Ready to Learn and Work.


Health in All Policies (HIAP) is a collaborative approach toward improving community health by considering a broad range of policies related to environments where people live, learn, work, and play.

Public policies can dramatically shape the social, economic, and physical environment of the community. The environments in which people live have a direct impact on the population’s health. For example, accessibility to healthy food, employment, resources for childcare and education, and safe walkways can play a significant role in the health of the community.

There are many opportunities for the application of a Health in All Policies approach:

“People cannot be healthy if their communities are ailing – if the air and water are
fouled, if nutritious food is not available or affordable, if crime rates and fears of violence
keep residents indoors, if sidewalks and parks do not exist or are too deteriorated for
walking and playing. People cannot be healthy if the opportunities critical for their well-
being – education, jobs, good schools, safe and well maintained housing – remain elusive.”

- Why Place and Race Matter / Policy Link

Incorporate HEALTH IN ALL POLICIES in your work:

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