2013 Community Needs Assessment

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Assessing the Healthcare
Needs of Marin County

2013 Marin County Community
Health Needs Assessment

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Healthy Marin Partnership
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2013 Community Needs Assessment for Marin County

Since 1996 Healthy Marin Partnership has been conducting triennial community health needs assessments for Marin County that identify, and address, key countywide issues.

HMP reports have focused community discussion on health impacts “upstream”, recognizing that while the leading causes of death in Marin remain cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illnesses, evidence indicates that addressing and improving social and environmental conditions will have a positive impact on health disparities and trends in disease and conditions for all residents. Accordingly, HMP reports have in the past tracked a set of four lifestyle issues that underlie the leading causes of death in Marin: high-risk alcohol use, tobacco use, diet and physical activity, with focus on community factors, social determinants of health and the influence that public policy and organizational practices can have in these areas and broadly on the health and well-being of Marin.

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), completion of a community health needs assessment (CHNA) has been codified into the Internal Revenue Code and required to assure the nation’s not-for-profit hospitals maintain their 501(c)(3) status. The Code requires the CHNA to include:

Through Healthy Marin Partnership, Marin’s hospitals (Marin General, Novato Community & Kaiser Permanente) are working together to meet these requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The process has included:

Findings have been compared to state and national averages and, when possible, have been mapped by census track to show different rates in geographic areas across the County.

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