Mission Statement

"Creating a Healthier Community"


For Marin County to be a community of communities:

  • That creates and supports a culture of health;
  • With social norms that make it possible for individuals to make healthy choices;
  • Where the incidence of killer diseases are less than state and national averages

We Value:

  • The relationship between health and public policy.
  • Our personal and collective responsibilities to promote “Healthy Choices Earlier in Life”.
  • The community as a partner.
  • Diversity, cultural influences and the need for health equity.
  • The concept of upstream and the Spectrum of Prevention.
  • The results of the community assessment and our responsibility to work with the community to interpret and respond to the findings.
  • Collaboration of champions and leveraging their work.
  • Results based accountability and have adopted the Friedman model.
  • The promotion of community education, health literacy and raising awareness.
  • The influence we can bear while leaving our individual nametags at the door.