Health Events Guide

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Growing Healthy Events is Healthy Business

Growing Healthy Events is Healthy Business Join us on the adventure of creating an event that attracts guests, and excites vendors and sponsors, while bringing “healthy” to your community! It’s good for your community, and good for business.

A festival that is healthy, fun, smoke-free, and safe will attract individuals and families from across your community. Making these seemingly small changes are good business strategies – and can happen without negative impacts in attendance or profits.

No matter the season, reason, or age of your audience, major community events such as fairs and festivals can reap big benefits by making small changes with a wide impact. Guests, vendors, leaders, and your community are READY! A healthy and family-friendly event will attract media attention, new community partners, innovative sponsors and other funding sources.

We’re not talking about eliminating turkey legs or cotton candy. It’s about celebrating what you’re already doing well and adding healthy choices. Addressing the wants and needs of your visitors makes every event a success. It is fun, sustainable, and a proven strategy - and creates a healthier, happy, memorable day.

This guide is based on the experience of the Marin County Fair in Northern California, which drew attention, partners and value by making a series of strategic changes. For more than 10 years, these steps have been shifting expectations of visitors to the fair.

The 16 page Health Events Guide is available for downloading!