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Ten Ways to Stay Healthy at the Fair

  1. Drink lots of water in a reusable container
  2. Win prizes by walking at least 10,000 steps
  3. Dance, hula hoop or pedal to your heart’s content at the Fun Fest
  4. Wear sunscreen and reapply often (visit Fun Fest to pick up a packet of sunscreen)
  5. Sample yummy, healthy foods from award winning vendors
  6. Limit high sugar, high fat snacks – they’ll make you thirsty and slow you down!
  7. Wash your hands often, especially after eating and after being on a ride
  8. Keep learning all about recycling and other ways to help our environment
  9. Practice random acts of kindness (pick up trash, let a kid get on the ride ahead of you)
  10. Forget about alcohol and cigarettes – they’re going out of style