Access to Health Care

Since its inception, Healthy Marin Partnership has advocated and invested in universal access to health care. In 1999, Children’s Health Initiative, a collaborative endeavor of the County of Marin, First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission, Marin Community Foundation, Healthy Marin Partnership, Kaiser Permanente, Coastal Health Alliance, Marin Community Clinics, Sutter Health, Marin General Hospital, Marin Healthcare District, and Marin County Office of Education, assured that all children in Marin County were insured.  With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CHI evolved into the Marin County Access to Care Collaborative (MACC), to identify strategies to provide health care access to the remaining uninsured.  

Play Fair

The Marin County Fair and Play Fair Marin have partnered nearly two decades to build and maintain an award-winning healthy and successful fair as well as create a resource guide for ongoing and future success called Growing Healthy Events is Healthy Business. Play Fair Marin has worked with Marin Cultural Services to end alcohol marketing, sponsorship and promotion, and to become the first 100% smoke-free fair in the nation. Other efforts include: working with food vendors to add at least one healthy food option to their menu and compostable supplies, adding a Baby Sanctuary – a cool, comfortable place for families to care for the needs of infants – and establishing an annual 1K Fun Run on Kids Day.  

Make Marin Tobacco Free

In 2002, HMP recognized the paramount importance of lifestyle and risk related factors on chronic disease prevalence and premature death.  HMP has promoted and supported the work of the County’s Tobacco Control Program and Smoke-Free Marin.  In 2007, HMP collaborated with community partners to make the Marin County Fair the first 100% Smoke-Free County Fair in the country.  HMP member organizations have implemented grant making to prevent and decrease tobacco use as well as participated in community advocacy efforts for public policies focused on creating a tobacco-free Marin.

Healthy Teens Marin

Healthy Marin Partnership was a founding member of Healthy Teens Marin, a 14-year old collaborative that sponsors annual workshops for teens (Peer Summit). Healthy Teens Marin is an active community partnership, which includes the Marin County Office of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Marin County Department of Probation, Public Defender’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, Marin Community Foundation, Healthy Marin Partnership, Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), YMCA of Marin, Huckleberry Teen Health Programs, Novato Youth Center and Marin City Network. In 2016, YLI assumed responsibility for planning and coordinating Healthy Teens Marin and the Peer Summit. 

Peer Summit

This annual event provides an opportunity for middle school students to attend a free day of workshops on topics such as social justice, sexual harassment awareness, drug and alcohol use and abuse, teen health, anti-bullying and respect for all. Peer Summit attendees learn how they, as individuals and young leaders can be informed, engaged and work to change the world.  Local agencies are on-hand to provide information about their services, resources and campaigns. Peer Summit is held on the Kentfield Campus of College of Marin, and is open to all middle schools throughout Marin County.